The Zen West ~ Empty Field community offers an intimate  setting to engage Zen Buddhist practice adapted and expressed within a Western context. Our sangha fosters genuine warm relationships and values practice connected to the earth and responsive to contemporary social and ecological challenges. Dharma teaching is led by transmitted Soto Zen Lay Teacher, Debra Seido Martin, a student of Kyogen Carlson Roshi, founding abbot of Dharma Rain Zen Center in Portland. We also work closely with our sister sangha, the Corvallis Zen Circle, led by Abby Mushin Terris of the White Plum Lineage.

Zen West meets weekly in Eugene for meditation, dharma teaching, discussion and social connection.   We offer introductory classes for beginners and holds two concentrated practice periods each year – one in the fall and another late winter – along with several rural retreats. Buddhists Responding serves as our network for those actively engaged in social justice and environmental sustainability.  Our five member Guiding Council helps govern the group in wise growth and development and care of the sangha. Please come join us – you are welcome with us.

Significant Annual Retreat and Event Dates


Statement of Inclusivity

We acknowledge that suffering is a human condition which can be made worse because of biases or prejudices for or against any race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, political party, or other belief or position. Our sangha welcomes and affirms all who come here to practice who are willing to work toward respectful acceptance of others across our many differences, harmonizing the one and the many.