The Guiding Council cares for the growth and development of the sangha. Its members have received Buddhist precepts and are committed to the mission of Zen West~Empty Field.

The GC’s purpose is:

  • To initiate projects that benefit the healthy development and growth of the sangha.
  • To conduct membership meetings.
  • To envision and plan future offerings in line with our mission.
  • To manage the group’s assets and resources.
  • To help field concerns and grievances and assist in their resolve.
  • To act as a consulting body for the teacher, who the directs the dharma program.
  • To support the sangha’s commitment toward ecological awareness and social responsibility.

The Guiding Council meets every other month. The group nominates its members based on needed expertise and skills. We are happy to receive your suggestions and feedback on how our group is serving your needs. 

Current GC members include:


Seiryu first encountered Zen in Japan in her early 20s. Although always influenced by it, she returned to it seriously in her 50s. Seiryu is retired from teaching cultural anthropology at Oregon State University and teaches yoga.


Senkei first encountered Zen meditation in the early 1970s at the Zen Center of Los Angeles. After raising a family and working as a teacher, she moved to Oregon with her husband Futai. She enjoys making art and spending time in her garden.


Komyo is director of First Place Family Shelters. She is active in the local movement to help youth in Eugene facing homelessness through the organization “15th Night.” Hope has been a member of the sangha since 2017.

Junsui Berlinski

Junsui studied with a variety of teachers in different disciplines before discovering Zen. She is a retired editor and writer who enjoys gardening, hiking and reading good books.

Tami Hill

Tami received the precepts from Seido at Zen West in 2020. She works in the academic advising office at the University of Oregon and hopes to retire soon so she can spend more time in Mexico