Acts of Kindess

Please share your experience with kindness and compassion here. What acts did you witness that were kind or compassionate? How did you serve another in need or help someone in distress? Include all sentient beings, plants and animals. Don’t be shy!

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  1. At a fast food restaurant a man getting his order was given a coupon for a free item. I guess he didn’t care for the free item, but instead of throwing it away he reached out to the the couple behind him in line and gave them the coupon.

    The couple were touched by this simple act of kindness. The women said, to the giver, “Can I buy you a cookie?”

    Earth-shattering, world-changing, maybe not, but here is how it starts and spreads.


  2. Bruce Kensan Hindrichs

    At the gym yesterday a severely disabled man and his attendant came up to the hot tub. The one man had almost no control over his body and speech. The attendant was remarkably patient and kind.

    The disable man was trying to say something to the attendant. To you and me the sounds he was making did not resemble any discernible speech. The attendant stared intently at the other man’s face as he tried to speak. I could tell he was watching for the slightest facial expression, cadence, inflection, anything that would give him clues as to what he was trying to say. It took three tries, but finally the attendant said, “Oh, yeah we will be going there after…” I could also tell that the attendant was completely clearing his mind of any personal noise so that the other man’s message could make it through.

    Also, there was another man in the hot tub that offered to help get the disabled guy in the tub. The attendant thank him, but said that he had it. The man that offered to help (when he thought no one was looking) made gassho. I swear to God; he made gassho!


  3. Bruce Kensan Hindrichs

    Josu’s kind offer to do the food at our 2nd Wednesday at Empty Field, and giving our generous, hard-working Tenzo a break.

  4. Bruce / Kensan Hindrichs

    Another hot tub story. There is a young women at my gym that I have met many times in the hot tub. She is mentally impaired. She loves to talk, but her topics of conversation go like, “Do you like yogurt? What flavors do you like? I get buy one get one free at Fred Myers. Do you like Fred Meyers? I wear a size 9 shoe; what size do you wear? Do you like yogurt? What flavors do you like….

    There were two women with their two children in the hot tub. They were having a marvelous time, talking, laughing, playing some funny game with their hands. Then the girl with the questions started asking them “What kind of juice do you like. Do you like Fred Myers…” The mothers wanted to be kind, but I could tell the conversation was wrecking their mojo.

    I waded across the hot tub and said to the girl, “I like apple juice, and cherry juice. What flavors do you like?” We talked for another 10 minutes about shoe size, yogurt, and Fred Meyers – allowing the mothers and children to return to their special time together.


    For the Kindness Campaign, sharing personal acts of kindness is not bragging.

  5. Last week, waiting in the lobby at my doctor’s office (which is very small practice) I noticed the incredible job the receptionist had – ongoing interruption….answer the phone, check the next patient in, call for lab work from another doctor, get people supplements, collect fees – like a waitress in a busy diner, she just completely tended each thing with focus.

    What touched me though was how kind and compassionate she was towards everyone with frustration about their health insurance (which even I don’t understand). When someone said “I don’t know the deductable or if it’s covered at all” she’d nod empathetically and proceed to help. I also realized how I was sometimes that person, expecting receptionists to figure out my complicated Moda plan and venting my frustration about how this or that isn’t covered.

    Later that week, I had to send something to the office via email and remembering our kindness vow, I took an extra moment to add a thoughtful note on how much I appreciated the care and brightness she brought the practice, and the demanding requests she seemed to face with grace. Although I didn’t hear back from her, it felt good to express appreciation, and remember all the service people in the world who are the recipients of so many people’s distress day to day that is misplaced. I know receiving a note of gratitude for something particular makes my day, and sending them is ever better.

    In gassho

  6. Bruce / Kensan Hindrichs

    Two homeless guys were on the corner. I pulled-up next to them at the stoplight. My fuzzy-headed Bearded Collie is making faces at them through the passenger window. One guy says to the other guy, “Oh my God, look at that dog.”

    Normally I would (worst case scenario) judge them, or next worst case scenario ignore them. Today however, I lowered the window half way, and let Beatle (my dog) visited with them. They laughed out loud, and keep thanking me. I rolled up the window, but then rolled it back down to share with them that my dog’s name is Beatle because he was born on Paul McCartney’s birthday. The older man (who hadn’t spoken yet) yelled, “Right On Man!” He gave me the Hawaiian “What’s Up” hand signal, and I flashed a good old fashioned peace sign.

    …and the world was a little better place than it was before.


    I think the point of the Spread Kindness Campaign is doing and sharing the little stuff, not the grand altruistic acts of compassion. Going out of your way to not step on a bug is noteworthy.

  7. Bruce / Kensan Hindrichs

    I was stopped at the same corner where a few days ago I interacted with the two older homeless guys. This time it was a young man, maybe mid to late twenties, that was holding a cardboard sign asking for money. I judged him harshly, thinking, “Why can’t you fend for yourself? Why do you expect other people to take care of you?”

    So where’s the act of kindness? I forgave myself…


  8. I lost my keys in the high grass of the 2 acre dog park today. Friends picked me so I could get the spare at home, and drove me back to get into my car, despite their busy day. In the meantime, someone found the keychain that had my gym membership barcode attached. They drove the keys across town so that the gym receptionist could call me at home to tell me they were there. This kindness saved me about $220.

    Now if the squirrel in my chimney would be kind enough to leave …

  9. A young woman bought a homeless family a bag of groceries today at the grocery store where I work today. She made my day, I’m sure she made theirs!

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