EFZW Membership – Join or Renew

Our members are important to us. Renewing or joining the group means that you value the opportunities we offer – Buddhist practice in community in an intimate setting. We value an accessible welcoming sangha, integrating the Zen tradition into the fabric of modern life, and reconnecting with the earth and all its inhabitants.  It is not necessary to become a Buddhist to be a supporting member of our group, we simply ask that members uphold the ethical treatment of one another while participating in the group.

We are completely supported by your donations. Members pledge a regular monthly or annual donation  that helps with ongoing operating expenses and projects. Although we offer a recommended range ($30-$100/month), there is no set financial amount for membership – please choose an amount that feels right for you. No one will be denied membership because of an inability to donate financially – service to the sangha is another means to contribute to the group. Most gatherings are open to everyone and membership is not required.


New members are invited to meet privately with the teacher to discuss your interest and any prior experience with Buddhist practice.  Members become eligible to register for intensive practice study groups held in the fall and winter. Members also become eligible to receive Buddhist precepts if they are interested. New members will be given the option of being connected with a senior member support person to help orient them to practice with our community.

Please join or renew your membership below.

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