What to Study

circle-round-the-fireThe mind of inquiry and learning is endless in the practice of Zen. More important than book learning are our honest questions and actual lived experience. These are the vital source of energy for our meditation. That being so, there are numerous excellent resources available for beginners that can help inspire and guide you along the way. These include:  beginning instruction, basic Buddhist teaching, and how Zen functions in the everyday life of work and relationships.

In our sangha, chanting and recitations during service, koans, and dharma talks are offered to introduce new material to the group. No beliefs are required to practice with us. Twice a year we offer an intensive small study group designed to dig deeper into how Buddhist teachings inform our everyday life. If you’re interested in participating, please speak with a teacher.

Ultimately, the Zen path is an organic one — you can trust your intuition and follow your own process of inquiry. The best guide is to listen to your own curiosity and your most pressing questions, the “koan” emerging in everyday life. Teachers and seniors are available to support your practice, and encourage and reflect on common difficulties and obstacles along the way.

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