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Fall Ango: 100 Day Practice Period Retreat

September 11


Ango is a traditional time of concentrated Zen practice marked by an increased commitment to zazen practice, service and study together. Through 100 days of vow, people develop a deeper understanding of how Zen functions in one’s life. While there are minimum requirements for participation, each person tailors their vows to adapt to their own life circumstances. By supporting one another amidst the joys and challenges of daily life, members learn from one another and experience the warm support and challenge that comes with a small group traveling together.

Basic Commitment: Participants should have some experience with Zen practice and be a member at Empty Field Zen West. Each person makes their own vow of practice they plan to maintain during the 100 days that includes regular zazen, attendance at all or most  of the four one day retreats, and meeting with the teacher in sanzen. (If this is your first Ango period with us, the first retreat is required.) Participants tailor additional commitments in a way that reflects their availability including attending regular evening sittings and sharing reflections with the group’s online forum.

2022 Retreats (Sun 9 AM – 5 PM): Sept 11 (Empty Field) Oct 9 (Zen West), Nov 13 (Zen West), Dec 18 (Zen West)


September 11


Farm Retreat


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