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Climate of Mind Sesshin

At this special retreat, we will be examining how our spiritual practice informs us in the face of the global crisis of climate change. Through meditation, study, reflection and inquiry, our purpose is to clearly bear witness to the current realities, to overcome the obstacles that keep us from responding, ask the necessary questions, and emerge with renewed intention rooted in practice to face with authenticity one of the greatest koans humankind has encountered to date.

This joint EFZW & SJZC retreat will be held at the new Sangha Jewel Zen Center site in Corvallis, led by Seido and Mushin. There will be limited space (ten available openings for each community) so please sign up early. For those coming from out of town, please inquire as to your lodging options as there is no overnight space at SJZC.

The retreat begins at 9 AM on Wednesday January 15th and ends on Sunday at noon. Each day we will practice from 8 AM to 9 PM. The Sunday SJZC talk will be based on what emerged from our experience and inquiry together.

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