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Face to Face Sesshin: Intimate with the Ordinary

In this retreat, we will be meeting face to face, not only with the teachers and one another, but with the vital life of the ordinary – the garden fern, the wooden chair, the squirrel and the snail. The retreat includes traditional Zen practices of meditation, work, study and rest – each activity guiding realization of the precious life contained in each moment.

This 7th annual joint sangha “Face to Face” sesshin will be held for the first time at the new Sangha Jewel Zen Center in Corvallis. There are no overnight accommodations and effort will be made to find lodging with local sangha members for those coming from out of town.

Retreat will begin on Thursday morning at 9 AM, and end at 9 PM. Subsequent days begin at 6:30 AM, ending at 9 PM. The retreat concludes Sunday morning at 11 AM.  Sesshin led by Seido Martin of Empty Field ~ Zen West and Mushin Terris of Sangha Jewel Zen Center


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