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One Day Retreat & Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s

Please join us for part or all of this day long Zen retreat that includes zazen, teaching, mindful walking and work, as well as a vegetarian lunch and dinner. Dharma teachings throughout the day will focus on bearing witness to the nature of change and the body. Beginners are welcome.

Zen Koan: Sickness and medicine arise together. The whole world is medicine. What is the self?  

This retreat serves as a fundraiser for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease to whom we will offer the benefits of our practice. We will be part of a global event called “The Longest Day” sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.  The idea for this retreat was inspired by Senkei Robertson who is acting as “team captain” of “Zazen 21” where she will receive sponsors to raise funds for Alzheimer’s support and research. If you’d like to join the team and contribute to this effort of compassion, click here.

A few words from Senkei on what inspired organizing this action:

The reason I am participating in this day of Alzheimer’s awareness and fundraising is to honor my friend, Jitsudo, a Zen teacher living with the disease and the disruption it causes in his day-to-day life.  What inspires me is the way Jitsudo accepts his condition and is using it to teach his students how to honestly see and own the reality of life, no matter what one is faced with. To once have been a person of achievements, now stripped of the ability to control anything would be an ultimate humiliation for most of us. Not being able to think clearly or remember how to do things, is a kind of dying while still living. Sharing this dying and not hiding it from others, Jitsudo bravely demonstrates compassion for himself and others, and models for all those around him freedom from the idea of a separate self.

June 21st, the summer solstice and “The Longest Day,” is a global day of events sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association. This day draws people together to do something they or those affected with the disease, love to do.  Naturally zazen was chosen for our activity.  As team captain, I am responsible for the event and am the primary fundraiser for our group. While mostly inspired to honor my friend in this way, I am also motivated to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and funds to help advance Alzheimer’s care, support and research.