Formal Zen students are those individuals who have taken vows not only to uphold the 16 bodhisattva precepts (Jukai), but to care for the Dharma Cloud lineage and commit to this particular sangha and teacher. Seido’s formal students are visible in their green rakusu’s (bib-like garments) and are available for questions and assistance. Each student has two dharma names, the first of which is called a “way” name, which for our sangha is “Koho” or “Solitary Mountain.” Becoming a formal student is an extended process of discernment and is not a necessary step to participate or benefit from practice with our group. If you have questions about the process, please feel free to ask.

Current formal students include:

Patricia “Josu” Dahlgren

Nancy “Seiryu” Rosenberger

Anna “Rishin” Coffman

Carol “Senkei” Robertson

Chis “Meiju” Koniecska

Bruce “Kensan” Heindrichs

Hope “Komyo” Birrell

Pam “Jukan” Birrell

Pam “Genju” Farmer

Adele “Junsui” Berlinski

Matt “Honji” Hayward

Joel “Komon” Kuiper