Cultivating the Way

August 25 – 28 – Thursday Eve through Sunday Noon

Cost: $120 (A majority of the proceeds from this retreat benefit DRZC’s  development of their new Siskyou Campus)

Led By: Seido  Registration

Suitable for beginners with some meditation experience

This silent Zen retreat offers an experience of intimacy with nature, with the other than human world, and ultimately, our CTW Group 3own Buddha nature. How does the natural world,  the tame and the wild, bring forth the teachings of the dharma? What happens to our questions when we listen deeply to the birds, trees, grasses and mountains?

The schedule balances naturalness with our traditional ritual forms. Experiencing the daily CTW 20140016rhythm of the farm allows the mind to settle and fosters challenge, ease and insight. The modified retreat schedule is suitable for beginners and includes zazen, meditation outdoors, mindful work, rest and reflection periods, dharma talks, and sanzen.

Sample Retreat Schedule