Dreaming the Way: Uncovering the Slumbering Zen Koan Within

Dates: March 21-22
Location: Heart of Wisdom Temple (Portland)

Heart of Wisdom Registration

Dates: August 7 – 9
Location: Empty Field Zendo, Horton Road Organics, Blachly, OR
Cost: EFZ $100 (limited space)
Led by: Seido and Mushin

EFZ Registration

Sleeping Buddha Studying our dreams can be profoundly insightful in the context of Zen practice. The evocative and haunting imagery has the potential to show us where we’re blocked in practice and how our own inherent wisdom arises to meet these perceived obstacles. ThisĀ  retreat will give each participant an opportunity to explore a dream, and engage group practices that help uncover the deeper questions evoked by these often cryptic images and stories. During the weekend, we will create a safe and creative space for us to explore and play – no experience of prior dreamwork is necessary. Outside of group sharing times, we will observe silent meditation periods and modified ritual Zen retreat forms.