Face to Face: The Zen Lineage of the Heart
Everyday Bodhisattvas and Enlightened Guides

  • Date: January 27 – February 1
  • Time: Wednesday 6 PM – Sunday 9 AM
  • Location: Corvallis Private Residence
  • Cost: $120  Registration
  • Lead by: Abby Mushin Terris and Debra Seido Martin

Face to Face Retreat Flyer 2015

DokusanIn this sesshin we will be meeting face to face, not only with our formal Buddhist lineage and teachers of this great tradition, but also with a more personal spiritual lineage that lives in each of us and brings us continually into awareness of how to live our lives in accord with our most fundamental nature.

Who do we trust to see us and guide us? Who has lived the path and reliably helps us remember and turn towards our essential nature? Who inspires us to explore the timeless aspect of our life? During meditation, work, eating, chanting, resting we will take up practices that reveal how lineage functions in all our activities.