Retreats, Classes, Workshops & Practice Periods


Zen retreats are held in silence and involve moving in harmony from stillness to activity. They include meditation, chanting service, mindful work and meals, rest and dharma teaching. We offer frequent one-day retreats called Zazenkai and a number of longer retreats, of 4 to 7 days, called Sesshin.

Climate of Mind Sesshin
Face to Face Sesshin
Spring Sesshin
Interdependence Retreat
Cultivating the Way
Monthly Zazenkai


Classes are often held weekday evenings and open to all. Below are some example of class themes we’ve done recently, many of which are annual events. Classes are usually open to all.

Bodhisattva Precepts
The Four Brahma Viharas
Healing Karmic Self States
Contemporary Koans
Awakening to Whiteness
Facets of Zazen
Aging as Spiritual Practice
Liturgy of the Natural World


Workshops are often one-day events that integrate meditation and Zen forms with the chosen theme. Below are a few workshops we often repeat. Workshops are also generally open to all.

Dream as Koan
Zen in the Garden
Practicing with the Body
The Art of Seeing in Drawing

Practice Periods

Each year we hold two practice periods. In the fall, we host a 100-day intensive called Ango and in late winter, an eight-week study period. These two events involve increased study, zazen, monthly retreats, meetings with the teacher, and sangha engagement. Membership and regular practice is required to participate.