Happy New Year: 2014 Reflections

Dear Sangha and EF/ZW Friends,

As I look over the pictures from this last year, I am struck by the amazing gift of practicing together in a small sangha, a place where we are seen and known, and a place where we can be ourselves as we address our deepest concerns and day to day struggles in this human life. In a year where there was sadness at the loss of my dear teacher, Kyogen, there was also joy in our group. Where there was grief over the strife and environmental ills of the world, we nourished insight and compassion.

Below are a few remembrances of a very remarkable year of practice. Heartfelt gratitude to all who cooked, cleaned, organized the zendo, crafted oryoki sets, led chants, made bank deposits, donated money and goods, greeted newcomers, sculpted altars, shared your lives with others, and most importantly, practiced the way of Zen just as you are. Deep bows to Aido and her inspiring koan play and our visiting teachers, Mushin, Genko, Mala, and Kenshin. And Yudo, oh those exquisite oryoki bowls – endless teachings! Please continue to value one another and the nourishing place we are creating. Blessings for the New Year  we call 2015, a good year to awaken with all beings.

~ Palm to palm,